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Obi Phrase and the Cross Cultures Band plays African reggae and Meringe originated from Sierra Leone blended with some Finnish flavour.

Obi Phrase being the lead singer of the band started this musical mission from his home country Sierra Leone. To be precise, his band was called Ripsta Culture which has been performing around Sierra Leone spreading the messages of peace, love and tolerance especially during the eleven (11) years civil war in this West Africa country. This band recorded several peace motivated songs in order to resolve the wide spred political conflicts around the west Africa sub-region. Obi Phrase and the Ripsta Culture band won the Music Makers Reggae Award in Sierra Leone in 2003. In 2007 -2008 Obi Phrase and the Ripsta Culture band pioneered a big musical peace tour around Sierra Leone titled " Guitar Better Than Gun" followed by an album release with the same caption In 2009, his songs were aired on the B.B.C,V.O.A and radio Mars in Slovenia because of theie contents( No More War and Save Yenga)and B.B.C interviewed Obi a musical peace activist. In 2010, the Ripsta Culture band was toured with around Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and Ivory Coast aggitating for peace in the Mano River Union basin "Mano River Union Peace Caravan" orgainzed by West African Youth Network, Rotary International, ICCO, Inter-Church Organization for Development Cooperation and United Nations.Obi Phrase staged at least two concerts in each of these countries for peace and development in West Africa.

When Obi Phrase travelled to Finland, he started working with an organization called Children Crossing Cultures rf an institution that is also promoting tolerance, peace, children and women's welfare.Therefore, Obi Phrase and the Cross Cultures band is an intrigal part of the Children Crossing Cultures rf. The name of the band changes because of two strong reasons; firstly, because it's now operating with the Children Crossing Cultures rf as the name implies "Cross Cultures" and secondly because the band has a collection of musicians from different cultures hence "Cross Cultures".It current vision is to the building of a School in Sierra Leone for children and women's empowerment. Obi Phrase and the Cross Cultures band have been performing twice on Faces Etnokult festival coupled with a lot of other performances around Finland and Sweden.

2012 performances include International party at Number One Night club in Ekenäs, Moniheli gala in Helsinki and at Academy of Fine arts in Helsinki.

In 2013 band performed in Raseborg / South Africa Makana event in Karjaa. Band is participating in the ongoing Ourvision music contest organized by Caisa; we qualified to the semi final scheduled to take place on the 17th May, 2013.

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Obi Phrase (Sierra Leone) - lead vocals
Frank Koumolou (Sierra Leone) - percussions
Lilly Aro - backing vocals
Ossi Saarikko - guitar
Georges Agbazahou (Benin) - percussions
Merikukka Kiviharju - backing vocals
Teppo Tolvanen - drums
Toivo Tolonen (Sweden) - percussions
Bryan Ugartechea - bass
Viljami Mehto - keyboards
Herkko Eskelinen - keyboards
Gildas Houessou (Benin) - dance trainer
Romeo Mushika Kabwe (Congo) - dancer
Camilla Heidenberg Agbazahou - technical adviser

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Technical Information

Band is performing with a drum set, two keyboardists, two guitarists,two percussionists,a lead singer and two backing singers. Precisely we can perform for at most three hours.

We can perform with or without amplification, so acoustic performances are also possible.


Obi Phrase
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