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Anette Åkerlund is a versatile singer proficient in various singing traditions. She has studied flamenco singing at Esperanza Fernández's flamenco school in 2010-2011 and at ESMUC Barcelona in 2014. Besides flamenco, she sings traditional finnish roma songs and gospel songs.

Anette Åkerlund has produced roma music concerts in Stoa Helsinki 2008, Turku City Theatre 2010 and in Savoy Theatre Helsinki 2013. She also has perfomance experience from all over the world.

Anette Åkerlund - vocals, piano, flamenco dance

various line ups, flamenco line-up:

Patrik Bonnet - flamenco guitar (Sweden)
Tove Djupsjöbacka - cajón
Pia Pohjakallio - flamenco dance
Jenni Rahunen - accordeon, vocals, flamenco dance
Gandom Garousi - flamenco dance (Spain)

Finnish roma songs line-up:
Mertsi Lindgrén - guitar
Anssi Salminen - guitar
Tero Hyväluoma - violin