Chico Matada & The Sus4

Home Town 

Drawn from a need to write and perform original music that is derived from multiple genres and anchored in modern jazz idiom, the bands music is characterised by evocative melodies, epical harmonies, deft arrangements, long musical forms, all mixed up with African culture. The live show displays their unique approach to perform music with intricate structures and fine use of improvisation coupled with vocal ornamentation. it all sounds seamlessly beautiful and captivating to every music fan.

Formed in 2018, Chico Matada & The Sus4 came together on the streets of Helsinki’s live music circuit, where musicians come together to jam and play with their bands. This is where Chico met with his future band members, and together they are part of the city’s music scene.

Chico Matada is a Mozambican born drummer, composer and recording artist, who relocated in Helsinki, coming from Denmark where he was based for several years. He has released a solo album in 2016 called “Reflections”. Chico has performed and recorded with artists such as, Chris Minh Doky, Andrew D’Angelo, Deodato Siquir, Rosengreen Trio, Rikkie Lie Flenesburg, and many others. A graduate in jazz studies from The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus, currently he works with his own projects, and as a sideman.

Sami Jaakkola is a Finnish-born bass player, who has played for 13 years altogether in different bands and groups. He has a lot of experience for example in party bands, small jazz bands, big bands, pop groups, even symphony orchestras and studio sessions. 
Sami plays both electric and double bass. He has played in projects such as: Ida Alanen Trio, Every’s Monta Sytä, Metropolia Big Band, HOS Big Band, Pori Big Band, Metkan Theater, and numerous other constellations.

Nikita Rafaelov is a Helsinki based pianist and composer. He holds a bachelor degree in pop and jazz music performance, and has studied jazz music in Helsinki Metropolia University and at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Denmark. Some of his teachers are Carsten Dahl, Simon Toldam, Nikolaj Hess, Soren Moller and Mikael Jakobsson. Naberukhin works as a freeancer/sideman in a various projects, and has also released a solo album in late August 2018, entitled ‘’Spirit of Gaia’’. 

Héctor Lepe from Mexico is a jazz guitarist living in Helsinki. Lepe moved to Finland in the year 2012. In 2013, he started studying at Pop / jazz musician at the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. In 2015 he became the first Latin American guitarist in the jazz department of the Sibelius Academy.
Lepe has quickly gained a foothold as a young generation guitarist in the Finnish jazz scene and he is actively involved in different configurations and projects such as Max Zenger, Mikko Karjalainen,Manuel Dunkel, Mikko Heleva, Joonatan Raution, Teemu Åkerblom, Kadi Vija, Mikael Jakobsson, just to name few.

Chico Matada (Mozambique) - Drums
Sami Jaakkola (Finland) - Bass
Nikita Rafaelov (Russia) - Piano
Héctor Lepe (Mexico) - Guitar

Technical Information 

The Line up of the performance and the technical needs should be discussed case-by-case.