Etnosoi! for Kids

Etnosoi! happening is already a 35 years old. How wild! We are going to celebrate it together on Father's day.

Etnosoi! for Kids is arranged by Global Music Centre & Malmitalo

Faso Kan

Faso Kan inspires audiences of all ages to join in the fun. In their new programme, this experienced band celebrates themes of communal and environmental well-being through music. Their sunny performance is full of positive energy and a spirit of friendship and peace.

The band's traditional West African instruments are made of wood and other natural materials and they give a voice to the forest, which could be an important part of the solution to the climate crisis affecting the entire world. Humankind should be able to work together without borders and with respect for each other. The challenges of the future require us to build strong, healthy communities.

Malmisali at 14 and 15.30

In a lion's clothes
Images and stories about the Senegalese lion dance
+ drawing workshop and face painting

Notice - you can meet both authors, Elina and Karoliina, in the afternoon. And Karoliina will keep the drawing workshop and also make face painting.

This exhibition takes the viewer to Dakar, capital of Senegal, where the local lion dance, known as simb, is highly popular, especially among children – although this colourful tradition attracts adults as well. The exhibition features photos by designer and dancer Karoliina Halsti-Ndiaye and musicologist Elina Seye of lion dance performances and preparations for them. The exhibition also includes textile works by Halsti-Ndiaye, inspired by lion costumes.

The documentary In a Lion's Clothes, which is shown as part of the exhibition, takes the viewer into the atmosphere of Dakar’s simb lion dance performances. In the film, the performers from the younger generation discuss the history and meanings of simb performances in today's Senegal.

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Loft, 14-17

Singing and Moving

Veera Voima and the (children's) vocal group Villikot from the Käpylä Music Institute's Folk Music Department perform, inviting the audience to join them in singing, playing games and dancing.

Duration 45 min

In partnership with the Käpylä Music Institute's Folk Music Department

Tanssisali at 14.30

Instrument workshop @ Lasten Etnosoi!

Come and craft yourself a musical instrument! The craft selection includes a few easy-to-craft instruments, such as the paper flute, the straw oboe, the one-note flute, the long flute, etc. There are smaller and less demanding projects to choose from among the craftable instruments. The smallest crafters can participate in the workshop with a parent. In the workshop, you can also try playing the flute, comb and long flute!

Kirsi Vinkki leads the instrument building workshop.

Kokoushuone 3, 14-17

Songs and games from Senegal

Directed by Marjo and Eve.

Pieni sali at 14.15 and 16.00 (duration ~40 min)

Pop-up! Folk music improvisation with Leena Joutsenlahti.

Tanssisali at 15.15 (duration ~40 min)


Time Malmisali Pieni sali Tanssisali Loft Kokoushuone 3
14:00-14:15 Faso Kan    

In a lion's clothes
Images and stories about the Senegalese lion dance
+ drawing workshop and face painting

instrument workshop
14:15-14:30 Songs and games from Senegal  

Singing and Moving

Veera Voima ja lauluryhmä Villikot

15:15-15:30     Pop-up! Folk music improvisation
15:30-15:45 Faso Kan  
16:00-16:15 Songs and games from Senegal