Etnosoi! for kids

Small is great at Etnosoi for kids!

The group Sattuma is celebrating its 20th anniversary. At their concert for children, you’ll hear Karelian folk music and get a chance to learn a bit of the Karelian language!

The Father's Day fun also includes other music performances, workshops and relaxed get-togethers.

The Instruments’ Adventures

Soitinten Seikkailut

What happens when a qanun zither from Iran meets a Japanese shamisen on its journeys?

Join the Instruments’ Adventures, a narrative concert in which many different cultures meet. You’ll be led on the journey with students from the Sibelius Academy’s Global Music Department.

Ayla Brinkmann (Finland/South Africa), narrator
Jui Hsin Ni (Taiwan), shamisen
Aarne Toivonen (Finland), drums
Javier Navarro Lara (Chile), bass
Ana Lazar (Slovenia), violin
Sara Majidi (Iran), qanun

Expedition leader Puro Paju (Finland)

Family Afro!

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Sibiry Konate & Issa Dembele


Both the children and the grown ups dance together at this relaxed dance workshop. Dancer-choreographer Sibiry Konate leads us to the movements and music of eg Burkina Faso. This dance workshop has live accompaniment.

Wellbeing with drums 12+

Arnold Chiwalala
Arnold Chiwalala

In addition to artistic expression, drumming has other benefits. It can be used, for example, to improve the coordination of one’s body parts, build self-confidence, gain a better understanding of one's own mental and physical abilities, recover from stress, exercise and develop memory, improve concentration and, above all, bring joy.

For this purpose, we’ll use a method where the drummers use their bodies to emphasise and express the rhythm, playing the drum while standing or doing dance movements and using other means of expression such as gestures, postures, facial expressions and voice. The traditional Tanzanian ngoma drum is placed on a stand and is played with two drumsticks.

By practicing this method, participants can experience immediate and immense benefits described above.

Target groups
Various target groups include anyone suffering from depression or stress, young people with social problems, school children, music students, schoolteachers, children with disabilities, employees at workplaces and so on.

Wellbeing with drums 12+ workshop is lead by it's creator musician-dancer-choreographer Arnold Chiwalala. Having lived in Finland since years, Tanzanian Arnold has been working with all age individuals and groups.
NB Age recommendation 12 years and everyone older than that.

Sattuma/graphics: Aleksandr Kiseljov

Production: Etnosoi! in collaboration with Malmitalo


time Malmisali Pieni sali Tanssisali Parvi Kokoushuone 3
14:00-14:15 The Instruments’

Non-stop Father's
Day-themed crafts

14:15-14:30 Sattuma concert   Wellbeing with drums 12+
14:30-14:45 Family Afro                
15:30-15:45 The Instruments’
15:45-16:00 Sattuma concert   Wellbeing with drums 12+
16:00-16:15 Family Afro