Flamenco duo Murtola & Widenius (fi)

The Finnish flamenco music duo is a mutual project of two prominent Finnish artists,  flamenco singer Anna Murtola and flamenco guitarist Joonas Widenius. In their concerts, some of the deepest and most profound tones of the traditional Spanish flamenco are met with lighter ballads where the singer's nuance rich voice joins in a conversation with the virtuosic rhythms of the flamenco guitar. Both artists draw inspiration also from their own northern roots that lie in Northern Finland, creating new and unique Nordic flamenco.

The long mutual journey of these musicians has tied their musical communication together into tight rhythms and touching expressions, typical for flamenco. Both musicians are also recording artists and developers of their own Nordic Flamenco sound.

Flamenco from the land of the midnight sun -- The Finnish duo Anna Murtola and Joonas Widenius presented a sound journey between worlds
Ralf Bittner / Newspaper Neue Westfälische, Herford

Production: Etnosoi! in collaboration with Vuotalo