Workshop on Karelian Folk Singing
Teacher: Emmi Kujanpää

The workshop focuses on Karelian folk songs. The workshop will introduce you to Viena Karelian yoik, Finno-Karelian rune singing and Karelian dance songs. The teaching material is based on old archive recordings. The course has a maximum of 15 participants. Online participation is also possible. The workshop is free.

Emmi Kujanpää is a researcher, musician and teacher specialising in Finno-Karelian and Balkan folk music. She has worked as a folk music teacher in Finland and abroad for 20 years.

The workshop is part of a series of Finno-Ugric folk singing workshops in Berlin and Helsinki. The workshop is organised in cooperation with Karjalan Sivistysseura and the Global Music Centre.

Please note! The classroom is not barrier-free.

The workshop is fully booked.

Registration: etnosoi [at]