Shashank Subramanyam (in)

Shashank Subramanyam, perhaps the most important instrumentalist of Carnatic music at the moment. Shashank's concert will be the first one in Finland, where he plays the southern tradition of Indian classical music, Carnatic music.

Shashank Subramanyam is a respected musician and master of the South Indian venu flute. Shashank, who started his career as a 6-year-old prodigy, has performed around the world and released more than 70 albums during his 40-year career. In addition to his extensive career as an artist, Shashank has done pioneering work as a developer and reformer of playing the venu flute. Shashank's Carnatic music teachers were singers, and his playing technique enables his sonorous and idea-rich expression based on the human voice.

Playing with Shashank is Hariharan Sundarraman, a skilful mridangam player of a young generation, whose guru is one of the most prominent mridangam players of today, Patri Satish Kumar. Hariharan played in Shantala Subramanyam's trio when they visited Finland in March this year.

The concert follows Carnatic music concert practices, i.e. there is no intermission and it lasts about two hours.

Shashank Subramanyam (IN): venu flutes
Hariharan Sundarraman: mridangam

Shashank's concert is organized in cooperation with the Helsinki Jazz Association and the Global Music Centre, and the concert is part of the Etnosoi! festival program and the jaZZanti concert series.

Shashank and Hariharan will also perform in Oulu at Pohjakartano school (Leevimadetojan katu 1) on 21.10 at 17:00. The concert is organized by O-India association, tickets 28/23 €, in advance More information on O-India's FB page.