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Finlandiki repetiki kompaniaFinlandiki Rebetiki Kompania plays urban Greek folk music, especially "underground" rebetika from big cities, but also laika, popular music, evolved from it. The group is also familiar with dimotika, folk music from the Greek countryside, even though their instrumentation is not typical to it.

Timo Puhakka - buzuki, tsuras, baglamas, arrangements
Timo Raines - guitar
Hilla Halla-aho - vocals, baglamas, defi, ziljat, tumbeleki
Elvis Konomi (Greece/Albania) - vocals, baglamas

Technical Information

Finlandiki Rebetiki Kompania prefers to perform acoustically, as its paragons did in the beginning of the 20th century. This works in small venues, in bigger venues the group needs amplification. The have their own PA system for this purpose.


Timo Puhakka
Kuuselankatu 46 F
04440 Järvenpää
Tel. +358 (0) 40 839 22 64