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Gamelan Hanuman plays indonesian Mid-Javan classical gamelan music, played mainly with percussion instruments, such as metallophones, gongs and drums. Also some popular music songs and songs from other provinces of Indonesia. Shadow theatre in Finnish, accompanied by gamelan music.

The founder of the orchestra, Reijo Lainela, got interested in Indonesian cultures after reading an article on Borobudur Buddhist temple. In the 70's it was difficult to find any information about the cultures and languages of the area in Finland. That's why Lainela ended up studying ethnomusicology at Helsinki University and later working as an assistant at Indoneasian Embassy in Helsinki. There he found a small collection of gamelan instruments. Gamelan Hanuman was founded in 1986 and since then they have gathered quite a few instruments more.

Gamelan Hanuman has performed e.g. at Kaustinen Folk Music Festival (1988), Kuopio Dance Festival (1989) and in different museums and exhibition openings, not to forget many events and feasts organized by different associations and enterprises.

Technical Information

Gamelan Hanuman can give a performance lasting from couple of minutes until two/three hours. There are many possible line-ups, gathered together among the needs and possibilities. Shadow theatre performances last from half an hour until two hours. In bigger venues the band needs simple amplification.

N.B.! If all instruments are used, the band needs lots of space! The stage should be at least 5 x 7 meters! The instruments are also very heavy.


Reijo Lainela