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I Wayan Sutisna & Sanna Karlsson Sutisna perform balilese traditional temple dances. Indonesia's most famous dance comes from Bali, the island that has retained old Hindu religion and culture. In Balilese traditional dance everything, from costumes to hand and eye movements is strictly controlled.
The performances are impressive and exotic, thanks to the amazing outfits and original movements.

Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna is artist and dancer, specialised in Balilese culture by living and studying many periods in Bali since 1991. Since 1992 she has brought Balilese culture to Finland and since 1992 performed in Finland and abroad. She has given lectures on Balilese ritual and dance culture and taught Balilese dance.

Sanna established "Siivet ry" association in 1996 with I Wayan (Janik) Sutisna. The association has a dance group with wide repertoire: solo and group performances, but also performances in which the audience may take part. Sanna and I Wayan also teach rebab and gender instruments. They have taught and performed in schools, kindergartens, festivals, private parties, on the street etc.


Technical Information

The performances need loudspeakers and cd player for the background music. The spotlights are often needed as well. The dances last from 8 to 20 minutes. Solo performance does not need much space, stage can be e.g. 3x2 m. The performance can be customized among the needs and wishes of the client.


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