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Baby Joe's music can be described as unique afrobeat, mixed with today's African and European music. Baby Joe, born in Kampala (Uganda), has been singing and making music for years. In his music he combines in a unique way neo soul, afrobeat, r&b and talked poetry. The result is very artistic and original. He has found his own sound that mixes African and European music.

Baby Joe has been the vocalist of "The Good People's Band", one of the oldest African music groups in Finland. With The Good People's Band Baby Joe has performed in many significant music festivals: e.g. Etnosoi! Provinssirock and Maailma kylässä. As a solo artist he has performed in many multicultural events, organised e.g. by Helsinki city and Caisa Cultural Centre. He has performed also in many firm parties and private parties.

Baby Joe (Uganda) - singing
 + backing recording


Technical Information

Solo artist Baby Joe performs usually with background recording and two dancers. He is full of energy and the audience may often become part of the performance. Each gig is different, for sure! Depending on the event type his performances last from 20 to 45 minutes.

Baby Joe has made background recordings in the studio. The venue should be equipped with amplifiers, PA system and a good microphone. In smaller venues Baby Joe's own equipment can be used.


Joseph 'Baby Joe' Kiberu
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