​Michael Kjær

Kaminá invites the listener to a sonic journey in a world of flowers and birds, landscapes and mountains through a reflective, expressive, minimalistic and intimate atmosphere. The band met through music in Helsinki Finland and their songs are inspired by their stories, memories and sounds from the world. Kaminá has been performing actively since 2016 in different arenas in Finland and Denmark, such as Alice in 2018, Spot festival in 2017, Jazz Aarhus festival in 2017-2018, Global Fest-SibA in 2017, Tenho in 2017 and Kamppi chapel of silence in 2017, among others.

Natalia Castrillón​ ​is a classically trained harpist from Colombia based in Helsinki interested in world music, experimental improvised music and collaborative work with other disciplines of art. She brings to the music versatile and innovative sounds from her harp. She has a master’s degree in Global Music from the Sibelius Academy.

Kamilla Haugaard​ ​is a singer, songwriter and pianist from Denmark with powerful way of using her voice and sounds on the piano. She brings to the music elements inspired by world music, jazz, pop as well as free improvisation. She has a master’s degree in Global Music from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark.

Natalia Castrillón​ (Colombia) - harp, background vocals
Kamilla Haugaard​ (Denmark) - lead vocals, keyboard.

Technical Information 

The length of the performance and the technical needs should be discussed case-by-case.