Kaveri Special

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Kaveri Special was formed in Lauttasaari 2012. Kaveri Special are five guys from Finland who share a love for sunny and funky tropical rhythms. Their well received eponymous debut album, released in vinyl and online in March 2014, features songs that pay tribute to classic African guitar music from the 70s and 80s, particularly highlife and soukous music. The word ”kaveri” means ”friend” in Finnish and the band wishes to become friends with audiences around the globe.

Kaveri Special's new album is going be released in 2016.

Felix Adje - vocals, percussions
Kimmo Kivistö - vocals, drums
Tino Puisto - bass
Jonne Renvall - vocals, guitar
Timjam Uddström - vocals, guitar, keyboards

Technical Information 

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