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Fado in finnish and portugese. Classy, soulful fado fusion, where the Finnish fadosinger Kirsi Poutanen creates a stunning and touching connection to the Finnish languor and Portugese saudade. Poutanen's album Amália Tribute was nominated for Etno Emma award in 2013. Translations by Tarja Härkönen.

Kirsi Poutanen - vocals
Carlos Manuel Proenca
- guitar
José Manuel Neto / Luis Guerreiro
- Portuguese guitar

Technical Information

Fado is perfect for the concert and club type of venues. PA system is preferred, althought group can perform acoustically if the venue has the right kind of acoustics. Also the group can perform as a duo or trio, if  needed.


Kirsi Poutanen
Myllypadontie 5 b 5
00920 Helsinki
Tel. +358 (0)40 724 98 07