Music teachers


Arnold Chiwalala

Tanzanian dances and music. Arnold Chiwalala, educated in the world famous Bagamoyo Art School (nowadays known as TaSUBa, Bagamoyo Institute of Arts and Culture) is a musician, choreographer, singer, dancer, composer, and educator. He has studied and taught in Sibelius Academy, where he finished his doctorate in 2009. He has given lectures and creative workshops in various higher education schools and other places e.g in Tanzania, Finland, Germany and England. He is often invited to give presentation at international conferences.

Aviv Ben-Yehuda

The Joy of Drumming -workshops on djembe drumming and malinke rhythms. Aviv Ben-Yehuda is Israeli-born doctor, who has practiced drumming since childhood. He has studied Cuban rhythms and polyrhythmics of African Malinke and Ewe people. Aviv Ben-Yehuda has extensive teaching exprerience, he has taught courses in Sibelius-Academy and Pop & Jazz Conservatory.

Cheza Ngoma

Cheza Ngoma is a Finnish association of African dance. The association was founded 1997 in Tampere by a group African dance enthusiasts. Menard Mponda, Tanzanian dancer and choreographer, has taught the group from the beginning. The association has weekly dance and drumming lessons for beginners and advanced level in Tampere. The advanced level dance group has performed at various parties and events, including the yearly Fest Afrika event at Tampere.


African dances and drums, drum making and Swahili language.

Faouzy Fawaz

Faouzy Fawaz is a Guinean musician and dancer/singer who has performed in festivals and taught people around FInland, Guinea and Senegal. He has a wide range of experience in teaching both children and adults, and he has performed on stage with multiple dance and singing groups in various public spectacles, including Maailma kylässä Festival in Helsinki. He is a passionate and warm-hearted performer and teacher who is able to inspire various age groups into learning traditional West African culture.

He can teach his students in Finnish, French and English languages.

He plays and teaches the bolonbata, gongoma and djembe drum instruments, and he also knows how to repair and build these particular instruments.

Here is a link to one of his teaching courses:


Senegalese drums, rhythms and dances. Galaxy members are excellent teachers with years of exprience with workshops and school concerts. Group has expertise in Sabar drum, talking drum (tama), african guitar, saxophone and dances.

Good People

African music teaching for schools and daycare centers. Members of the association have also Good People's Band which line-up consists of many well known teachers of African music and dances.

Ismaila Sané

West African Dances and percussions. Ismaila Sané is African ballet solo dancer and percussionist: Ballets Bougarabou (Dakar, Senegal), Ballets Africains (Dakar), Ballets Mansour Gueye (Dakar, France and Spain). Also known as percussionist in Piirpauke, Galaxy, Senfi and many other groups.

Issiaka Dembele

West African instruments: balafon, kora, djembe, lounga, tamani, bara and calebash. Issiaka also teaches dances and songs from Burkina Faso. He has teaching experience from music interventions at conservatories in France, Portugal and Switzerland and also Music education and workshops in Germany, Togo, Benessa, Burkina Faso and Finland.

Joona Kora

I teach the traditional Western-African kora in Helsinki. I have studied the kora playing in Burkina Faso with kora master Issiaka Sanogon, and taught kora playing in Finland.

Maarika Autio

African dances and West African balafon lessons. Maarika Autio has teached African dances from 1993 (Tanssivintti, Tanssiopisto, Kallion Naisvoimistelijat, and various intensive courses in Finland). She can give private balafon lessons.

Mama Africa

West African dance and music, djembe drums. Mama Africa's Boucar Gaye has been teaching courses and workshops since 1997 in Turku and elsewhere in Finland.

Mousse & Sabasy N'diaye

Senegalese rhythms, dances and sabar drums. N'diaye brothers are well known rhythm course instructors to many children and adults in Finland.

Ossi Raippalinna

Ossi Raippalinna teaches West African drumming in Helsinki region, focusing on djembe and dundun music.  He is an experienced teacher and has taught drumming to Finns since 2006. His clear teaching methods guarantee a joyful and rewarding drumming experience, even for a first timer. Ossi has been taught by the West African masters and he has studied djembe music in Senegal, Burkina Faso and Mali.

Outi Kallinen & N'Fanly Camara

West African dance and music. Kallinen and Camara are known for Good People association, Djumora, Mango trio and their current group Wonuwali. They both are prominent West African dance teachers, and are teaching at Helsingin tanssiopisto and Tanssivintti. Besides dance instruction, they also teach African drumming.

Papa Zai

Papa Zai can teach reggae and soca/calypso to bands. He can also teach certain Zambian music styles and djembe drumming to individuals or groups.

Richmond Ghansah

Djembe workshops for children, adolescents and adults. Ghansah has been a long time music student under Pape Sarr and won percussion category in SakuStars competition 2009 and 2010. Ghansah has teached workshops since he was 12 years old, and has been part of the "Kalebassin Kertomaa" interactive theatre show since 2007.

World Music School Helsinki

Music Lessons & Instruction · Helsinki


Zamburu/PriMus ry

Senegalese rhythms, songs and dances. Nakkila based Zamburu group was founded over 15 years ago, and have teaching experience from all over Finland.