Music teachers

Balkan and Middle East

Afshin Ardalan

Classical Persian guitar and setar. Afshin Ardalan has taught in Azad University of Shiraz (2006-2008), Tehran University of fine arts (2001-2004), Shiraz Culture House (2000-2006), Mahoor music School (2002-2008), Baritone Music School (2004-2008).

Anna Dantchev

Anna Dantchev is a Finnish-Bulgarian singer and educator. She teaches Bulgarian singing tradition both to beginners as well as to more advanced students. Tailor-made courses are available according to the group's needs. You may also ask for private lessons. Anna has been teaching eg at World Music School Helsinki and at Sibelius Academy, Helsinki. Anna Dantchev is a graduate of University of Jyväskylä where she studied musicology. Presently (2017) Anna is a student at the University of the Arts/Sibelius Academy's Nordic Master of Global Music (GLOMAS) program where the focus of her study is Bulgarian lamenting.

You may also inquire courses of the Bulgarian music traditions in general.

All courses are available in Finnish and English, but also in Swedish and Bulgarian.

Atilla Kurt

Turkish music theory and instrument courses (kanun, tanbur, saz, kudüm and bendir). Atilla Kurt provides workshops for groups and individuals of all ages. Atilla can teach in Finnish, English and Turkish. He has studied in Conservatory of Istanbul and has lectured in Sibelius-Academy and conservatory of Oulu. Atilla Kurt has conducted workshops since 1992.

Helsinki International Folk Dance Club

Folk dances from various countries are taught weekly, for example Frunza group, which is specialized in Balkan folk dances.

Hillel Tokazier

Jewish music courses.

Jan Peter Nyman

Arabic and turkish music culture. Jan Peter Nyman is professional music teacher and can provide tailored courses for schools.

Kari Vannemaa

Buzouki and rebetika. Kari Vannemaa has studied extensively Greek music, culture and language and can provide lessons to students interested in greek music.

Marouf Majidi

Classical music from Iran and Kurdish folk music for all ages. Studied in world music program in Sibelius-Academy Marouf Majidi can proviced courses, workshops and private lessons.


Members of the Nefes group teach different styles of Turkish music and folk dances. Group also teaches workshops in Sibelius-Academy.

Timo Puhakka

Greek folk music, with focus on rebetika and laika. He can also teach basic in countryside dimotika. Puhakka has teached Greek music mostly in events organized by Finland-Greece association. He has a lot of teaching experience and can also teach buzouki and baklamas.

Valeria 'Clarinetta' Conte

Valeria 'Clarinetta' Conte can provide individual and group lessons at any level and all ages. The teaching program is previously agreed with the student/s with special attention to the student/s goals and wishes. She periodically organizes Klezmer music workshops and lead Klezmer dances happenings. Valeria is a BA in classical clarinet (2010, Italy) and MA in global music (GLOMAS 2015, Denmark). She widely travelled the world approaching with success diverse musical cultures and she is actively performing nationally and internationally.

Valeria can teach in English and Italian at International School of Music Finland:

World Music School Helsinki

Music Lessons & Instruction · Helsinki