Princes of Nigeria

Timo Lehtelä
Home Town 

Princes of Nigeria plays funk with Afro and Latin influences. Founded in 2012, the Turku-based Princes of Nigeria is a 13-member, big-sounding funk ensemble with horn sections, backing singers and rich percussion. The band has toured in Turku, Tampere, Helsinki and the Karjaa Faces festival. In the summer of 2019, we also went to Narva, Estonia right next to the Russian border. Princes of Nigeria has released six singles through the Komitea digital record label as well as the vinyl single through the California-based Lugnut Brand Records label. New recordings are in progress. The band has also released four music videos.

Aino Lehtovaara (Finland) - vocals
Erika Woodard (Finland) - backing vocals
Miitu Makkonen (Finland) - backing vocals
Jarmo Lundgren (Finland) - guitar
Jukka Lempa (Finland) - guitar
Arttu Lehtovaara (Finland) - keyboards
Petri Viitala (Finland) - saxophone
Timo Mansikka-aho (Finland) - trumpet
Ella Fagerlund (Finland) - trombone
Jura Sivonen (Finland) - percussions
Mikko Väärälä (Finland) - percussions
Henrik Wakonen (Finland) - bass
Pasi Silvennoinen (Finland) - drums

Technical Information 

We can play a set of a maximum of two hours, preferably in two sets. The band cannot perform acoustically at this time.
At the very least, we need amplification for vocals as well as a couple of monitors (especially for singers). I prefer, of course, to perform with full PA and monitoring.