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Sahaj Unlimited, devoted to bhajans and qawwali music, plays music to be listened to and above all to be danced to! Sahaj Unlimited describes itself as "cheerful gang of professional musicans", that started to play just for their own joy, but has performed a lot, e.g. at Helsinki Old Student House, private parties, Telakka club at Tampere, Helsinki University Hall etc.

Ville Tanttu - guitar and vocals
Raine Salo - guitar and vocals
Tuomas Kantelinen - harmonium and vocals
Kiureli Sammallahti - accordion and vocals
Lauri Salokoski - percussion, bass
Tuomas Kaila - percussion
Eero Heinonen - percussion, bass
Dile Kolanen - bass
Roosa Toivonen - vocals and dance
Maarit Piippo - vocals and dance
Heta Kolanen - vocals and dance
Aino Haverinen - vocals and dance
Hanna Rentola - vocals and dance


Techical Information

Sahaj Unlimited is a very flexible line-up. It can perform with few or several musicians, shortly or for hours, calmly or action-packed! They have relevant costumes and incenses. The ensemble is acoustic, but in bigger venues they need microphones for the choir and some of the instruments.


Ville Tanttu
Itäniitynpolku 1 B
00840 Helsinki
Tel. +358 (0) 40 708 62 08