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Sakade Musica plays the most popular dance music in Africa, Congolese (Zairean) soukous a.k.a. rumba with style and highest respect for tradition. The songs are sung in melodious lingala language. A typical song starts slowly, but accelerates into fast dance rhythm, speeded up with polyrhythmical guitar patterns. Essential part of the performance is eventful choreography. Sakade Musica, the oldest soukous band in Finland was founded already in the beginning of the 90's. The Congolese founder members have worked with many renowned artists, such as Bourgeois Musica, Isoto Musica, Lofombo ja Willy Bula, in their home country. Sakade Musica has performed at clubs and festivals in Finland and abroad.

Antti - bass
Serbo Mawana (Congo) - guitar
"Vano" Muyau (Congo) - drums and vocals
Didier (Congo) - vocals and dancing
Charly Adjanga Mboyo (Congo) - guitar and vocals
Gaspard (Congo) - vocals
Chicco (Congo) - guitar

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Technical Information

Sakade Musica's performance can last from 40 minutes to "throughout the night"! PA and backline is needed; 2 guitar amplifiers, bass amplifier, keyboards and 4 microphones for vocals.


Charly Adjanga Mboyo
Tel. +358 (0) 44 2176650