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Shankara is the only ensemble in Finland that plays Indian classical music with authentic instruments. That is why the band was formed in the first place; there are only few instrumentalists devoted to this genre in Finland, and when they found each other, they wanted to share their know-how with wider audience. After vocalist Peali Mitra has joined the ensemble, their sound has become even more authentic and the repertoire more versatile: they have included Bengalese folk songs, film music and pearls of Indian classical music to their repertoire. Shankara also works in collaboration with other Indian music enthusiasts in Finland and abroad and helps to bring Indian performers to Finland. The members of the ensemble play also in other Southern Asian music ensembles, such as Sahaj Unlimited and Shava.

Peali Mitra (India) - vocals
Lari Aaltonen - sitar
Jussi Laitinen - tabla
Kiureli Sammallahti - accordion, hand harmonium and vocals


Technical Information

Shankara can perform from half an hour to couple of hours. Normally a small PA is needed, and at least five microphones. In smaller venues - e.g. in classrooms - the ensemble can perform acoustically.


Lari Aaltonen
tel. +358 (0) 50 383 41 83