Sila Fato

Sila Fato - photo: Eeva Johansson

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"Sila fato" means crossroads in mandinka language. In Sila Fato music the encounter of different cultures produces new musical worlds for us to discover.

The key instruments played are balafon and kora, both melodic instruments of West-African origin. Sila Fato's music recognises no cultural, time or age barriers. The music is a mixture of traditional and newly written world music sung in Finnish, Mandinka, French, Wolof - and Music, the universal language understood by all humans. The concerts also include short dance solos.

Maarika Autio - vocals, balafon & mallet instruments, dance
Cheich Cissokho (Senegal) - kora, vocals

Yirim Gueye (Senegal) - percussions
Pothio Ndiaye (Senegal) - bass + contrabass
Dupain Cissokho (Senegal) - percussions  |

Technical Information

Sila Fato's show can last from 10 minutes to two hours. If wanted, Sila Fato can perform on small venues acoustically, usually amplification is required for vocals and kora. Line-up can be tailored to the occasion, ask directly from the contact person.

Sila Fato also offers West African music (drums, kora, balafon) and dance workshops.


Maarika Autio
Kirjatyöntekijäkatu 14C
00170 Helsinki
tel. 00 358 41 511 0661