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Stilimba's music is melodic, danceable and sunny. In their music they combine influences from the West African coast to the Caribbean and all the way to South-America. Stilimba's specialty is the unprejudiced way of combining and using acoustic instruments such as the West African balafon, Trinidad's double tenor steel pan and a cuotro.

The word "Stilimba" comes from the words steel pans + concert marimba. The group was formed in 2003 and one year later they played their first gig in the Tune In Festival, Stockholm. The concert was a great success and ever since the group has gained success on festivals and other concerts all around Finland. In a very little time Stilimba has become one of the most appreciated groups in the Finnish world music scene.

Stilimba's members are well-known musicians in Finland and abroad. Maarika Autio has toured a lot around Finland and also other countries like China, Cuba and West Africa. Autio speaks six different languages and has written songs at least in Wolof, Finnish, French and English. In addition to performing she gives workshops in dance, theatre expression and balafon playing.

Stilimba's second initiator, multi-instrumentalist Mikko Nousiainen has also toured a lot and especially in South America with such groups as Idea Profunda and Aurinkokunta. Nousiainen has also done a great pioneering work in introducing the world's newest instrument the steel pans to the Finns.

Ousseynou Mbaye was born in Dakar, Senegal. He came to Finland in 1994 to join a group called Galaxy. He has toured all around Finland since 1997.

Bolivian born Pedro Castéllon is known as a specialist of his home region's musical traditions. His indisputable virtuosity with guitar like cuotro and charango and the Andean flutes charm audiences in Stilimba concerts.

Tuomo Kuure, originally from Rovaniemi, nowadays living in Helsinki, is an extremely versatile bass player, who plays also in such bands as Pohjannaula and Aurinkokunta. Stilimba's debut album was released in the summer 2006.

Maarika Autio - concert marimba, balafon, vocals, dancing
Mikko Nousiainen - steel pans, cuatro, acoustic guitar, Andean flutes, vocals
Ousseynou Mbaye (Senegal) - percussion (djembe) and drums
Tuomo Kuure - bass
Pedro Castéllon (Bolivia) - charango, Andean flutes, acoustic guitar, vocals


Technical Information

Stilimba's show can last from 30 minutes to two hours. If wanted, Stilimba can perform as a duo or trio and on small venues also acoustically. For bigger venues PA system ask directly from the contact person.


Maarika Autio
Kirjatyöntekijänkatu 14 C 59
00170 Helsinki
Tel. +358 41 511 0661