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TERENCEKIZZ principally composes/sings Afro-Hip hop, R&B/African and rap. The music is a combination of Afro beats, drumming, and ethnic voicing with a blend of hip pop, R&B and rap to get a new version of hip hop with a unique Afro identity.

TERENCEKIZZ has now combined his long lasting experience to produce his debut album titled "Public Announcement"

TERENCEKIZZ is a jurist and an artist, born in Kumba, South West Province of Cameroon, but originally from Ako sub-division, North West Province Cameroon. Terencekizz completed primary school and secondary school in GHS Ako and then entered high school in Government bilingual High school Nkambe. After the advanced level, he enrolled in the Faculty of Law and Political sciences, University of Yaounde 11. Soa, where he obtained the following certificates: Associate Degree in Law, Bachelors Degree in Law (Option English Private Law) and a Postgraduate Diploma (Maitrise En Droit) with option Business Law. Then he travelled abroad to many different countries before settling down in Finland in October 2006. He continued his studies in Haaga-Helia University Of Applied Sciences starting from January 2007 and graduated with a second Master`s Degree (Masters of hospitality Management) in April 2009.

 TERENCEKIZZ began singing in children's choir, then entered the youth choir of the baptist church Ako. When he started secondary school in 1993, he got involved in music clubs and did stage performances and playbacks sometimes alone and sometimes in a group. In 1995, he started writing lyrics, principally for Cameroonian music (makossa). When he went to the university in 2000, he started developing his own style of music and writing Afro-hip hop, R&B/African and rap. TERENCEKIZZ has also participated in the most respected national competitions like "Concours De la Chanson", and his stage experience gives him the ability to combine hip hop and R&B dance styles with traditional African dance moves.

His lyrics focus on real life experiences, the society and the whole world, and looks at the virtues and vices of the society. The main themes are human suffering, peace, love, race, honesty, stuttering, cheating, war, just to name a few.

TERENCEKIZZ (Cameroon) - singing/rapping


Technical Information

Terencekizz can do acoustic performances.


Tel. +358 (0)44 9428447