Vodou-Land Band

Home Town 

The roots of the music and dance of this Beninese-Finnish band are in West African vodou tradition. Old rhythms live in new arrangements and lyrics, which mostly are written by Gildas Houessou. The band was founded in 2007. In addition to African percussions the band is using other acoustic West African instruments. Vodou-Land Band has basically five members and often visiting musicians.

Gildas Houessou (Benin) - lead singer, dancer, djembe, congas, talking drum, doun-doun, balafon
Felix Adjé (Benin) - djembe, congas, talking drum, balafon
Pette Tattersall - djembe, congas, talking drum
Martine Hakli (Togo) - lead singer, dancer
Hanna Nore - lead singer, djembe, doun-doun
Chimene Degnenongan - (Benin) lead singer, dancer

Technical Information 

Performing in flexible assemblies, max 1,5 - 2 hours. Rather with sound system, in small interiors can perform fully acoustically. Drums and dancing take some space.