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Alterne - photo: Mikko M. Malmivaara
Mikko M. Malmivaara


Alterne invites the listener to step into an atmospheric universe, where innovation and tradition collide. Described as dream folk, their music takes you on a journey with enchanting harmonies, virtuoso melodies and haunting motifs.

Alterne seeks to combine influences from traditional music with modern songwriting and Danish lyrics, reflecting emotions such as doubts, longing, hope and dreams, especially from the perspective of early adulthood. It embraces the presents of strength and vulnerability, which often goes hand in hand.
With an interesting blend of traditional instruments such as fiddle, hardanger- fiddle, kantele, accordion, guitar, stump box and vocals, Alterne creates an atmospheric soundscape, which emphasises the musical narratives of the songs. They consciously and effectively blur the lines between folk, pop and ambient in a timeless and unique musical expression.

They are releasing their debut album in April 2024, which will be celebrated with concerts in Belgium, Denmark and Germany.

Ida Marie Jessen (Denmark) - Voice, violin and kantele
Maimu Jõgeda (Estonia) - Accordion, stomp box
Oscar Beerten (Belgium) - Violin, hardanger fiddle, guitar and backing vocals

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Concert length: One hour

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