Artist catalog

The catalogue of artists maintained by the Global Music Centre is a database listing artists and groups who are active in Finland and whose repertoire represents different musical cultures from around the world. The catalogue also contains details of people who lecture, or teach, either in groups or individually. The artists and groups are catalogued according to continent, country and musical style. The Global Music Centre is happy to provide additional information about the artists listed.

The catalogue was started to help event organizers find groups and artists in specific fields more easily. The information in the catalogue is updated on a regular basis and the Global Music Centre continuously accepts new information. The Global Music Centre does not manage the artists in the catalogue, nor does it accept payment for passing on information. Inclusion in the catalogue is a service provided to the artists free-of-charge. The catalogue includes contact details for each artist and group listed.

You can pass on your own or your group’s details for inclusion in the catalogue by filling in the questionnaire or by sending the information by e-mail to gmc [at]