Music teachers

Name Home town Music styles Description Teaching language
Anna Dantchev Helsinki Bulgarian vocal tradition


Finnish, English, Swedish, Bulgarian
Arnold Chiwalala Espoo Tanzanian music, Tanzanian dance

Tanzanian dances and music. Arnold Chiwalala, educated in the world famous Bagamoyo Art School (nowadays known as TaSUBa, Bagamoyo Institute of Arts and Culture) is a musician, choreographer, singer, dancer, composer, and educator. He has studied and taught in Sibelius Academy, where he finished his doctorate in 2009.

Finnish, English
Cheza Ngoma Tampere Tanzanian music, Tanzanian dance

Cheza Ngoma is a Finnish association of African dance. The association was founded 1997 in Tampere by a group African dance enthusiasts. Menard Mponda, Tanzanian dancer and choreographer, has taught the group from the beginning. The association has weekly dance and drumming lessons for beginners and advanced level in Tampere.

Not specified
Cinta Hermo Helsinki Flamenco

Flamenco singing courses, history and rhythms of flamenco. Born in Andalusia and a former member of Piirpauke, Cinta Hermo has been involved in flamenco since childhood.

CINTA HERMO. "To be brave is to trust our life plan. We were born to shine".

Singer-songwriter from Andalusia living in Helsinki, expert in world music and multicultural projects.

Not specified
Etnosaari Lahti African dance, African drumming

African dances and drums, drum making and Swahili language.

Not specified
Galaxy Helsinki West African instruments, West African percussions, West African percussions

Senegalese drums, rhythms and dances. Galaxy members are excellent teachers with years of exprience with workshops and school concerts. Group has expertise in Sabar drum, talking drum (tama), african guitar, saxophone and dances.

Finnish, English
Helsinki International Folk Dance Club Helsinki Folk dance

Folk dances from various countries are taught weekly, for example Frunza group, which is specialized in Balkan folk dances.

Not specified
Helsinki Piano Lab Helsinki Piano

Helsinki Piano Lab offers piano lessons for children & adults in Pasila, Herttoniemi, and Ruoholahti. Book a free trial lesson with one of our top-rated piano teachers!

English, Finnish
Helsinki Pipes and Drums Helsinki Scottish bagpipes and drums

Scottish bagpipe, Great Highland bagpipe and drum courses in Helsinki. Also Highland dances.

Not specified
Hillel Tokazier Helsinki Jewish music

Jewish and klezmer music courses.

Finnish, English, Swedish
International School of Music Finland Helsinki, Espoo, Oulu Music school

The International School of Music Finland offers Lessons to students of all ages and levels.

Not specified
Ismaila Sané Lempäälä West African dance, West African percussions

West African Dances and percussions. Ismaila Sané is African ballet solo dancer and percussionist: Ballets Bougarabou (Dakar, Senegal), Ballets Africains (Dakar), Ballets Mansour Gueye (Dakar, France and Spain). Also known as percussionist in Piirpauke, Galaxy, Senfi and many other groups.

French, English
Issiaka Dembele Helsinki West African instruments, Songs and dances from Burkina Faso

West African instruments: balafon, kora, djembe, lounga, tamani, bara and calebash. Issiaka also teaches dances and songs from Burkina Faso. He has teaching experience from music interventions at conservatories in France, Portugal and Switzerland and also Music education and workshops in Germany, Togo, Benessa, Burkina Faso and Finland.

French, Finnish
Janne Ojajärvi Joensuu Harmonica, Overtone flute

Teaching harmonica and long flute in the North Karelia region.

Finnish, English
Javier Sanchez Helsinki Bass

Bass lessons: electric, fretless and double bass

English, Spanish
Kulttuuriyhdistys Tambor Vivo ry Helsinki Brazilian dance, Brazilian music

The cultural association Tambor Vivo ry organizes the teaching of capoeira Angola and Brazilian rhythms and dances in Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland. In music teaching, we focus on teaching several Afro-Brazilian rhythms and songs, such as samba de Roda, Tambor de Crioula, coco, jongo. Our head teacher is Brazilian José Santos, nicknamed Bom Cabelo.

Finnish, English, Portuguese, Spanish
Maarika Autio Helsinki West African instruments, West African dance

Teaching West African balafon, kora harp and dance. Maarika Autio, Master of World Music, gives playing lessons both privately and in groups to enthusiasts of all ages, from beginners to advanced. She has been teaching African dances since 1993 (eg Tanssivintti, Tanssiopisto, Kallio Women's Gymnasts, intensive courses across Finland).

Finnish, English
Marouf Majidi Helsinki Iranian classical music, Kurdish folk music

Classical music from Iran and Kurdish folk music for all ages. Studied in world music program in Sibelius-Academy Marouf Majidi can proviced courses, workshops and private lessons.

Finnish, English
Mehrnoosh Zolfaghari Helsinki Persian music


English, Persian
Mike Thomas Helsinki Reggae

Experienced reggae musician from Jamaica. Teaches reggae and other Caribbean music in Helsinki area.

Nefes Helsinki Turkish music, Turkish music

Members of the Nefes group teach different styles of Turkish music and folk dances. Group also teaches workshops in Sibelius-Academy.

Finnish, English
Neff Irizarry Helsinki Latin Jazz, Cuban music

English, Swedish, Spanish, Finnish
Ossi Raippalinna Helsinki West African percussions

Ossi Raippalinna teaches West African drumming in Helsinki region, focusing on djembe and dundun music.  He is an experienced teacher and has taught drumming to Finns since 2006. His clear teaching methods guarantee a joyful and rewarding drumming experience, even for a first timer.

Peali Mitra Helsinki Indian music

Private lessons on Indian classical and folk music to all ages.

Robin DeWan Helsinki Didgeridoo

Australian aborginal yirdaki (didgeridoo). Robin teaches private lessons and has written a book on subject, available from him.


Roope Kantonen Helsinki Drums, Indian music


Teaching jazz, funk, hiphop, pop / rock drums to students of all levels, as well as teaching the basics of rhythmics in South Indian Carnatical music. Master's degree in music (2021) from the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam (CvA). Most recent job at Lucky Beat Music School in Amsterdam (2018-2021). Private drum lessons from 2010 onwards.

English, Finnish
Rumba-Akatemia Helsinki Cuban music, Cuban dance

RUMBA-AKATEMIA, the best and only music school in Cuban music and dance in Finland, has been teaching for over 10 years!
Rumba-Akatemia offers private and group tuition, as well as intensive courses for both children and adults.

In our music school you can study songs and percussion, tres-guitar or other son music instruments as well as dancing.

Not specified
Rytmiikka- ja Perkussiostudio Kompassi Helsinki Music school, Cuban music Rhythmics and Percussion Studio Kompassi is a school specializing in Cuban traditional music. With us you can study playing techniques, accompaniment styles and improvisation skills with Cuban percussion and piano, as well as the rhythm, songs and history of Cuban music from the basics to the deep end. Finnish, English
Sambakoulu Império do Papagaio Helsinki Samba

Banda Reggae Papagaio teaches Afro-Brazilian rhyth and dance courses.

Not specified
Shankara Tampere Indian music, Nepalese music

Indian and Nepalese music workshops. For schools and academies.

Not specified
Toni Jokiniitty Tampere Flamenco

Toni Jokiniitty has been teaching flamenco guitar playing since 2003.

Finnish, English, Spanish
World Music School Helsinki Helsinki Music school

Music Lessons & Instruction

Not specified
Zamburu/PriMus ry Nakkila West African instruments, West African percussions, West African dance

Senegalese rhythms, songs and dances. Nakkila based Zamburu group was founded over 15 years ago, and have teaching experience from all over Finland.