Bomba Buena

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Bomba Buena


Bomba Buena, the power group of Cuban music, ignites the atmosphere from floor to ceiling! While on stage, the band makes Cubans feel as if they are in Cuba and makes sure that the snow melts from the soul even in the winter of the heart. In their repertoire of Cuban classics from the past hundred years, the quartet plays weekly in Helsinki and does gigs around Finland. The band is also known for collaborating with world stars such as bassist Carlos D'l Puerto (Irakere) and singer Evelio Galán (Afro Cuban All Stars) and you can book them next to Bomba Buena for private gigs as well!

Line up
Pablo Contino Sanchéz (CU) - vocals, percussion
Helena Kallas (FIN) - piano, bass, backing vocals
Gerardo Hernández (CU) - tumbadóras, backing vocals
Jani Lehtioksa (FIN) - bongó, campana, backing vocals

Technical Information

If necessary, the length of the show can be extended to three 45-minute sets.

If there is an acoustic piano, the band can even play fully acoustically. However, part of the band's sound and strength is the strong bass sound, which the pianist plays on a split keyboard. Basically, we prefer to confirm everything, but we are open to ideas and adapt acoustically to very different spaces.

The band has sound equipment that can go a long way. If the space is very large, additional equipment can be considered separately.

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