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Cheza Ngoma performs traditional Tanzanian dances accompanied with traditional Tanzanian drums. Cheza Ngoma ry is Tampere-based African dance association, established in 1996. The association organises regular dance instruction and African dance events in Tampere and performs all around Finland. The leader of the group is Tanzanian professional dancer/teacher/choreographer/musician Menard Mponda. He has made also a solo career in Finland, performing with many different groups and giving workshops. Cheza Ngoma has performed in several events in Tampere and other cities, and has also been seen in the television.

Menard Mponda (Tanzania) - mtonya, mdundo, singing, dance
Aliko Mwakanjuki (Tanzania) - mdundo, kinganga, singing, dance
Ephata Sozigwa (Tansania) - kinganga, singing
Deo Mponda (Tansania) - ngoma ya debe, singing
Terhi Tillonen - dance, singing
Anne Kohtala - dance, singing
Miimi Tanninen - dance, singing
Venla Pesonen - dance, singing
Marita Ratia - dance, singing
Sanna-Kaisa Hongisto - singing, dance
Jenni Kilponen - dance, singing
Laura Laitinen - dance, singing
Anna Mattila - dance, singing
Elina Seye - dance, singing
Anna-Maija Sievi - dance, singing
Eeva Viljanen - dance, singing
Veera Volanen - dance, singing
Catherine Mponda (Tanzania)- singing, dance

Technical information

The performance can last from 10 minutes to 1,5 hours. Includes dance, singing and drumming, e.g. Ngokwa (initiation dance) and Bugobogoboo (agricultural dance). The group can play acoustically, but in bigger venues the vocals and the drums need amplification.

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