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Loimolan voima
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Loimolan Voima writes contemporary Karelian folk music with roots embedded deep in the soil of the Border Karelian region. The two man band is composed of brothers Mika ”Miša” Saatsi and Niko ”Miikkula” Saatsi. Concerts of Loimolan Voima are unique experiences combining the flow of music with Karelian story telling. The bands’ acoustic sound is accompanied by syntesizers and an old drum machine. A looper also has a role to play in their live arrangements. All these more modern devices fade at times to give space for entirely acoustic moments.


2020 Ruttomužikan kyynäl (LP, cd, digi)
2022 Mi on praudua (cd, digi)
2023 Hilma da Onni (digi-single)

Awards and recognition:

- 2021 folk music album "Ruttomužika kynäl" (Kansanmusiikki-lehti and KamuKanta.fi)
- 2023 Elmi Tsokkinen Memorial Medal (Karelian Association)
- 2023 Folk Music Maker of the Year (Finnish Music Makers' Association)
- 2024 Risteys Award (Global Music Center)

Mika "Miša" Saatsi - compositions, vocals, ukulele, guitar, domra, looper, synthesizers, melodica, percussions
Niko "Miikku" Saatsi -  lyrics, ukubass, vocals, percussions, melodica

Technical information

Loimolan Voima performs in small and medium-sized venues with its own sound reproduction and with air acoustics. Technical rider: https://loimolanvoima.fi/yhteys

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