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Pape Cisse Waaw Africa Productions


Pape established his own Mama Africa group in Jyväskylä in 2004. He works as an artistic director, playing instructor, accompanist and a musician. Performances with Mama Africa group: in many different events, such as music festivals in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Spain and Portugal. We have played in charity concerts, theatre projects, in schools, day care centres, sheltered homes, workplace events, culture festivals, concerts and in the well-known Finnish children’s program Pikku Kakkonen. I have performed for influential politicians such as the former Finnish president Tarja Halonen. With Mami Wata group I have performed for the former Finnish president and nobel-prize winner Martti Ahtisaari.

2013  Pape & K.O. Company started to organize also afrobeat club gigs and brought also other african artists on stage.

Pape Cisse (Senegal) - djembe, sabar, doundoun, tama, vocals

Pape can make a solo performance or with the group that consists of other musicians and dancers (max 10 people)

Technical Information

The gigs are always prepared along customer's wish. Usually the energetic show consists of drum music, african songs with audience and some humour. Dancers bring an extra energy  and allow the audience also to participate and feel the rhythm. Energetic gigs don't leave anyone cold. With djembe drum acoustic gigs are fine. The gigs can be from 15min up to 1 hour.