GMC Living Room Session on Thursday, February 15th at 5 pm

GMC Living Room Session on Thursday, February 15th

Thursday, February 15th at 5.007.00 pm

Global Music Centre

Hämeentie 34 D, Helsinki (our door is in the yard of the building)

Special guests: musicians & producers of the Global Club Nights
Chico Matada and Vasileios Katopodis

GMC Living Room Session at the Global Music Centre is a relaxed platform for mixing and mingling, networking and finding colleagues especially in the field of music – even new band members perhaps. It’s for sharing ideas and for seeking and finding information.

On the session in February we’ll meet Chico & Vasileios and we’ll talk about the Global Club Nights:
Global Club Nights (GCN) concept was started in the beginning of 2022 by Chico Matada and Vasileios Katopodis, both master’s degree students of the Global Music Department at Sibelius Academy. The initiative emerged from a need to connect the academic environment with music industry, as well as with the immigrant community based in Helsinki and other areas. In the music industry, as in many other industries, connections and access to information plays a central role in transforming the academic studies or the years of experience into a professional career.
As foreign musicians in Finland, we identified the disconnect between the academic, the professional and the integration of musicians in the local and national music scene. Hence, we created Global Club Nights to fill this need, and to realize our goal, launching the initiative in the spring of 2022.

Today after two years of developing our series and collaborating with several artists, we would like to share our experiences and create a dialogue around sustainability and representation of foreign-born artist living in Finland. At the same time, we would like to listen what is that the global music scene needs and how can we collectively accommodate such needs.’

There is a limited amount of seats - so if possible please book yours: gmc [at]
Otherwise, just come!

Please spread the word about the event. And to band leaders on this mailing list; please do remember to pass this info to all band members – thank you.


Jaana-Maria Jukkara

Ja lyhyesti suomeksi:
Tervetuloa Maailman musiikin keskuksen GMC Living Room Session
tapaamiseen verkostoitumaan, tapaamaan vanhojakin tuttuja ja suunnittelemaan yhteisiä projekteja. Tällä kertaa vieraanamme ovat Global Club Nights -konseptin luojat ja tuottajat, muusikot Chico Matada and Vasileios Katopodis.

GMC Living Room Session torstaina 15.2. klo 17.00 -19.00 Maailman musiikin keskuksessa, Hämeentie 34 D, Helsinki. (D-ovi sisäpihalla, ovikello oven vieressä)

Paikkoja on rajoitetusti joten ennakkoilmoittautumiset tähän osoitteeseen ovat toivottavia, mutta eivät pakollisia: gmc [at]

iestiä saa mielellään välittää eteenpäin ja pyydämme bändien yhteyshenkilöitä välittämään viestin kaikille jäsenille, kiitos!


Jaana-Maria Jukkara