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Sonic Poetry is a music company that offers both libe performances and sound design, e.g. art exhibitions, theater productions and multi-artistic performances. There is music of all kinds , baroque, Celtic folk, pop, classical, fiddler music and own improvisations. Olga Kolari has won awards at the International Kantele Competition 2017 (Mielen Maisemat Ensemble) and 2019 (solo performance on the Central Finland Kantele). Mielen Maisemat's band also reached the semifinals of the Konsta Jylhä competition. The main passion is improvisation, “quiet exaltation” at the small kantele but the program is always tailored to the occasion and the subscriber’s wishes are fulfilled.

Olga Kolari (Russia/Finland): piano, violin. viola, harp, kantele, psaltery, Cura Saz, jouhikko, synthesizers, sound works and sound design.
Ensembles: Mistica, Lyres of the Dunes, Harpoet, Ruuhkavuosi, Mielen Maisemat

Technical Information

Sonic Poetry has its own sound system that is suitable for both large and small spaces. I also perform acoustically, depending on the space and the instrument (the violin often does not need sound amplification, the kantele can be played acoustically in smaller spaces).