Crossing Borders in Music and Research

Crossing Borders in Music and Research

Seminar in Helsinki, Friday, January 21st 2022

This seminar brings together researchers and musicians whose work involves crossing national, cultural, social and/or musical borders. Musicians cross borders in artistic encounters, but also researchers in the field of ethnomusicology commonly participate in the musical practices of their research collaborators. The World Wide Women project team has noticed that border-crossing raises similar questions for musicians and researchers, especially as they seek to enter respectful research and work relationships with their collaborators. We have found that ethically and politically accountable research and/or artistic practices involve thinking hard about the various ways in which global and local power structures such as racism, gender ideologies, cultural appropriation, and access to resources affect one’s work. However, rather than focusing on problems caused by structural inequalities, our desire is to learn from the insights that the participants have gained during their research and/or artistic projects.


10–12 Kone Foundation’s Kamari, Tehtaankatu 21 B 45 (5th floor)

Shzr Ee Tan (Royal Holloway, UK): “10 Provocations for Decolonising Music: Bad Faith, Culture Wars, Safe Spaces, Brave Conversations”

13–16 Kone Foundation’s Kamari, Tehtaankatu 21 B 45 (5th floor)


Short presentations of participants’ projects and discussion

18.30– Cultural Centre Caisa, auditorium, Leipätehdas, Kaikukatu 4 B

Documentary film “When I’m on Stage, I Rule” by Antti Nordin and Siboné Oroza

Information for active participants

We ask participants to give a very short (5 min.) presentation of their recent or ongoing project that involves border-crossing in the afternoon session. This presentation can also consist of or include live music or a recording of a musical collaboration. We also ask the participants to reflect in advance on the themes that they would like to discuss during this session. We will use the themes to structure the discussion.

The event is free of charge. In the case that more people want to participate than space allows, priority is given to doctoral candidates, musicians with a master’s or doctoral degree and postdoctoral researchers. One cannot participate in the afternoon session only as a listener. Advance registration is required for all sessions.

Registration for active participants by December 21st 2021:

Further information

A new registration form will be opened in January for participants who only want to participate in the morning session and/or the documentary film screening.

The seminar is organized by the project World Wide Women – Female Musicians Crossing Borders and Building Futures, funded by Kone Foundation (2021–2023) and based at the University of Helsinki, in collaboration with the Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology.

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