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Adama Kone Traditional West African music
Afrocola Finnish, african and balkan tunes with african rhythms
Afrotysonia Afrojazz, afrobeat, afropop
Afshin Ardalan Classical persian music
Ahoo band Ahoo Band is a fusion of Arabic, Spanish and Kurdish music using elements of western music and Middle Eastern traditions.
Ailu Valle (link) Sámi hip hop
Aino Kurki Kantele music with West African, blues and world music influences
Aiyekooto (link) Afrobeat
Akim Color Afrojazz
Al Teslim Arabic music
Ali Amran (link) Kabyli rock
Ali Haitham Faleeh Classical and traditional Arabic and Middle Eastern music style
Amaxas Traditional and modern greek rhythm music
Amengo drom (link) Gipsy swing
Anette Åkerlund Flamenco and Finnish roma songs
Anna Dantchev Bulgarian folk music
Anna Murtola Flamenco
Antama Rhythm music from Greece
Arnold Chiwalala Band Tanzanian music and dance
Áššu (link) Traditional Sámi Joik inspirited by West African grooves and tradition.
Ava ensemble Iranian music and music from other musical traditions
Balalaikkaorkesteri Kalinka Slavic folk music
Banda Caribe Helsinki Cuban and Caribbean music
BaranBand Oriental music
Barbora Xu Music fusion based on Finnish and Chinese traditional instruments and poetry.
Barlast (link) Nordic folk music, jazz and free improvisation (link) The Finnish Bluegrass Music Association
Bollywood Bliss (link) Indian film music
Buddha Surfers Afrobeat
Cheick Cissokho West African traditional music
Cheza Ngoma Traditional Tanzanian dances accompanied with traditional Tanzanian drums
Chico Matada & The Sus4 Jazz
Cinta Hermo Flamenco ja andalusialainen musiikki
Cuejero Music inspired by Flamenco and Castilian folk with influences from the Middle East and Latin America.
Daddy Ous Reggae
DANTCHEV:DOMAIN (link) Led by Finnish-Bulgarian singer and composer Anna Dantchev, the band combines strong cinematic melodies and Bulgarian rhythms in Dantchev's compositions.
Delado African Tiefo music fused with Balinese dance
Delia St. Claire I Schlager from underworld telling stories of misery, utopia, melancholy, dystopia and beauty.
Djarabi - Rakastettu The West African music and dance tradition meets contemporary dance and Western music for the babies and their parents in an atmospheric art moment.
Dog in a Bucket Jug Band music
Dr. Olugander Original reggae music, with natural african influence
Duo Sirtaki Greek pop music
Duo Tulitsa Russian folk music
Eagle de Guinee West African griot tradition fusion
Eduardo & His Brazilian Aeroplane (link) Latin Jazz
Erdinç Rap combined with modern hip hop and Turkish sound
Eric Bergman & Romance Rhythmic and moving with catchy melodic hooks and literary lyrics
Erick Avila A fusion of instrumental rock, metal, atmospheric and Latin American rhythms.
ES-OW and the Ridial Band Afro modern and tradional, hip hop reggae
Ezgi Can Ozan Authentic Turkish folk music from central Anatolia
Faso Kan Music of the griots from Western Africa
Frankosun and the Family Rumba, afrobeat, salsa, jazz, reggae
Freilach Mit Kneidlach (link) Jewish music
Frunza Balkanin kansantansseja
Fumusic Studio / I-Han Fu Fusion and improvisation with a wide range of styles such as classical, jazz, and folk music.
Gaia (link) A mixture of progressive, latin, and nordic folk music with celtic influences
Gájanas (link) Ethnic progressive music with Sámi joik
Galaxy Senegalese modern and traditional music
Ghobad Kermanshahi Traditional Kurdish (Guran and Soran)
Habana Helsinki Latin rhythms such as Salsa, timba, bachata
Helsingin Balalaikkaorkesteri (link) Russian folk music
Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble (link) Melting pot of Beninese rhythms, afrobeat, jazz, funk
Henrik Perelló Argentine tango and tango nuevo, gipsy jazz
Hilja Grönfors & Latšo Džinta Roma music
Hillel Tokazier Jewish music
Iberoamerican Sounds Danceable Latin-American and Spanish music
Ilkka Arola Sound Tagine a mix of folk and jazz expression spiced up with modern beats and cinematic soundscapes.
Imperfecto (link) Flamenco
Irya Moods that cross language boundaries built on Afro-Cuban polyrhythms
Issiaka Dembele West African Mandinka music
J-P Piirainen (link) Nordic Guitar Music
Jaranas del Norte Mexican Son
Jazz Partout (link) Gypsy jazz
Joonas Widenius (link) Flamenco
Juho Koskimies Flamenco harmonies with Finnish melancholy
Kachao Man Latin / urban music
Kaminá World music, jazz, pop as well as free improvisation
Kasakkatanssiteatteri Artania (link) Ukrainian cossack songs and dances
Kasheshi Makena & The Bhutula Band Afro-Funk, Afrobeat feel music with blues lyrical
Kazan Gruppasi Bedretdin Tatar ethnorock
Kehro Lounge-, folk-, latino-, afro- ja bossa nova -vaikutteista instrumentaalimusiikkia.
Khabat Besarani Folk songs from Hawramania
Kirsi Poutanen (link) Fado in Finnish and Portugese (link) Salsa from Finland
Lassie and the Lads Irish music, cajun
Lekkujad Traditional Karelian songs
Liwata's Afro Review Soukous
Loïca Singer-songwriter
Los Salsanismo (link) Salsa, Son, Cha Cha Cha, Latin, Timba, Bolero, Reggeaton
Lucien Athanase French songs of the 50's, 60's & 70's.
MA Rouf (link) Sufi jazz fusion
Maarika & the Frocodiles Melodic rhythmic multicolored world music, with West African influences echoing most vividly.
Mad Ice (link) Afro-soul
Malang Cissokho West African music
Malang Cissokho Quintet Senegalese dance music and Senegalese modern music based on the Mandingo tradition.
Mama Africa Junior Afro-Caribbean, Afrobeats, West African music, Mbalax, Afropop.
Mama Longhorn (link) Afrobeat, funk, psychedelic
Mami Wata Music based on West African and Congolese music traditions
Marcelo 'Patalino' Rosa Cape Verdean music
Mc Domas Traditional Guinea-Bissaun style music with a modern twist
Meera Band Modern and traditional Arabic music, Persian, Kurdish and Western music
Mehrnoosh Zolfaghari Contemporary, Traditional and Oriental
MeNiños The sounds of harp, guitar, percussion and voices meet rhythms from various parts of the world.
Merve & Chrysa Folk tunes, Balkan melodies and improvisation form a powerful performance.
Middle Eastern Orchestra (link) Middle Eastern Classic/traditional/folk songs mixed with the western styles and harmonies also with spanish flamenco.
Mike T. Saganor Reggae
Mirkka & Madrugada Finnish forró music
Morasta Reggae
Namira Ethno-rock and arabic music
Ndioba Afropop
Nefes Turkish music
Neff Irizarry & Nepenthe Latin Jazz
Nemat Battah Music inspired by traditional Arabic music from the levant and Egypt.
Neşetria The band mixes world music rhythms with electronic dance music and African desert blues.
Niillas Holmberg & Roope Mäenpää (link) Arctic folk in Northern Sámi
Nylund-Wallenius Duo Acoustic guitar music
O'pojat (link) Irish folk music
Ojajärvi Blom Ojajärvi (OBO) A mix of ancient tone of overtone flute, modern but grounded beat of the beatbox and rich and rooted sound of the cittern.
Orkestra Suora Lähetys (link) Roma music
Paja (link) Progressive shamanistic ethno
Pape Cisse Waaw Africa Productions West african music, sabar, djembe, doundoun, afrobeat
Pentara Greek Rebetika music from the 1930s and 1940s.
Perttula (link) Toni Perttula is a true musical blacksmith. His open-minded experimentation with diverse musical styles and genres has forged a path towards creating his own unique musical approach and identity.
Piirpauke (link) Kansanmusiikki/etno/jazz fuusio
Pirata Boing Band Modern reggae and traditional music, hip hop
Pole Pole Tanzanian music and dance
Pomppulinnan Kreivi Rock, salsa, merengue, afro-proge, bluegrass influenced children's music
Princes of Nigeria Funk with afro and latino influences.
Ramithawi (link) Art punk
Rebetinkatu Rebetiko and Greek Urban music
Road Ensemble (link) Persian music
Robin DeWan World fusion
Saïsba – Ismaila Sané band Afrofusion (link) The Association of Samba Schools in Finland
Shava (link) Finnish bhangra
Sheine Ite Jewish music
Sikuri Finland Andean pan flute music
Sila Fato World music with West African influences
Sole Azul (link) Drawing on the stylistics of jazz, the group performs both tango-inspired originals and new arrangements of existing tangos.
Solju (link) Modern ethno music combined with traditional yoik singing
Sonic Poetry Improvisation influenced by different music styles and cultures
Subsonic Trio (link) Subsonic trio draws together ancient instruments and musical aesthetics from their homelands of Australia, Brazil and Finland
Suõmmkar World music based on Skolt Sámi tradition
Svirki Svirjat Balkan music
Tahiti 'Oa'Oa (link) Dances of the Pacific
Taija Robalta Traditional flamenco music
Tanguedia Quintet (link) Tango
Terencekizz (link) Afro-hip hop, R&B/African, rap
The Blassics (link) Funk, afrobeat
The Byway Men Outlaw country
The Helsinki Pipes and Drums (link) Pipes and drums
TI Boyz from Brasil Jazz Fusion, Bossa nova, Samba, Calypso Samba and Choro musiikki
Tiempo Habana Cuban timba and salsa
Tjango! (link) Gipsy jazz, swing, etno
Toni Jokiniitty Flamenco
Tonos Music from the Balkans to the Middle East - from the Mediterranean to the Caucasus.
Trio Beoir Irish folk music
Trio Klezmera Klezmer
Trio Sahrami Indian music
Tundra Electro Combines Sámi yoik with electronica, improvisational music and elements of Indian classic music.
Tuuletar (link) Vocal folk hop
Ulla Pirttijärvi & Ulda (link) Modern Sami music
Vallila Klezmorim Klezmer
Vildá Sámi music
Vilddas (link) World music, Sámi music
Vili Mustalampi (link) Latin pop
Vilma Talvitie Modern folk / pop, influenced by Finno-Ugric and East European singing styles
Vilma Timonen Quartet (link) Contemporary folk music combining musical elements from all over the world, blended together with the ancient sound of the Kantele
Vimma Allstars (link) Irish music, folk, folkrock
Zamburu Music and dancing from Guinea, Gambia and Senegal
Zorbas Band (link) Greek pop music